Smart Decisions About Serious Money

Wealth. It’s not just about money.

At Lucien, Stirling & Gray Advisory Group, Inc., we understand the value of a dollar, but we also appreciate the value of your lifestyle. We build relationships with you so we understand your long-term goals, and can help you make the most of your money.

So you can make the most of your life.

We are an independent, Austin-owned, fee-only, Registered Investment Advisory firm located in central Austin at 4005 Guadalupe. We work with individuals, but also corporations, trusts, and foundations.

Career Opportunities

Lucien, Stirling, and Gray is hiring!
We have posted new job listings and look forward to adding great people to our close-knit team.

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Who We Serve

Retired Couples & Individuals

They hold leadership roles in the community, have a strong sense of stewardship, and value the personal attention we give them.

Women On Their Own

Whether widowed, divorced, or never married, these investors find us respectful and easy to work with. We help empower them to lead financially independent lives.

Professional Accumulators

In their prime earning years, they are working to secure financial independence and are seeking optimum growth and tax efficiency.

Most of our clients share the following personal characteristics:

Prudent Investors – Motivated primarily by responsibility, not greed
Thoughtful Delegators – Actively seek insightful advice – then act on it
Fiscally Conservative – Live below means and keep debt to a minimum
Long-Term Oriented – Think in terms of decades and generations rather than immediate gratification
Respected in the Community – Have a strong sense of stewardship & “give back”
Have a Good Sense of Humor – Like to have fun, and don’t take themselves too seriously

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Lucien, Stirling, and Gray Team

When you work with Lucien, Stirling & Gray Advisory Group, Inc, you get a whole team of experienced pros, no matter where your needs take you. As you’ll see from our bios, many of us have worked together for years. We trust each other, and our clients feel it.

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Objective Advice. Informed Decisions. Experienced Insights.

At Lucien, Stirling & Gray Advisory Group, Inc., we help you create
positive options and choices in your financial affairs.

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