Thomas G. Twombly

Thomas has served as President of Lucien, Stirling & Gray since 2001. He was one of the original founders (the name was derived from their middle names) and the only one still remaining with the firm. He has been the self-described “Chief Philosophical Officer” from the earliest beginnings.

“Way too many people and companies in the financial profession come across as egotistical and self-absorbed,” Thomas says. “My goal was to reinforce a strong sense of stewardship that goes with having a long-standing family name on the door, without having the focus of this business be all about me. This firm will always be about others.”

A natural strategic planner, and a long-term, value-oriented investor in just about all aspects of his life, Thomas exemplifies the principles of patience, discipline, and a stalwart faith in the future that have comprised his core message to others for years.

“It’s sobering to admit how long ago this was” Thomas says, “but in 1983 I told my college career counselor that I wanted three things: ‘to be self-employed or lead my own business; to work in a profession where I had the opportunity to have meaningful conversations with people I like, trust, and respect on a daily basis; and to have the ability to wear a lot of different hats’. I feel incredibly fortunate to have achieved all of those objectives, and a great deal more.”

Thomas grew up in Austin. He graduated from St. Stephen’s Episcopal School in 1979 and received his BA from Amherst College in 1984. He received his securities licenses in 1984, and his principals license in 1986. He and his wife, Dana, have been married since 1991, and they eventually forged four children into independent, self-sufficient, resilient human beings who are now making their own marks on the world. Since 2002 Dana and Thomas have owned the house in central Austin that his parents bought when Thomas was seven. “I like to tell people I’ve gone nowhere in life” he says with a smile.

“Now I just love helping others lay out long-range plans to achieve their most meaningful objectives, whether they are clients, members of this team, or folks I interact with in other areas of my life. The world can be a tough and unforgiving place, especially when you feel unsure and alone. I really enjoy helping people recognize their potential, confront challenges, solve problems, and develop the grit to succeed in the long run.”

Thomas served on the Board of Directors of the St. Stephen’s Endowment Corporation for eight years between 2008-2016 and was President for six. He also served on the St. Stephen’s Board of Trustees for three years, while simultaneously acting as President of the Alumni Association. He has also held leadership positions in other non-profit groups in the Austin soccer and parks communities.

In his spare time, you’ll usually find Thomas outdoors – climbing a mountain, hiking a backcountry trail, careening down a mountain bike track, casting a fly into a shady pool, or camping miles from nowhere on a wilderness whitewater canoe trip. Or perhaps at Q2 Stadium, cheering on El Tree…   Listos?

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