Megan Poore

Sr. Advisor Associate

Megan Poore began her career as a financial advisor with Lucien, Stirling & Gray in 2002, after having been a client since 1997. Her clients benefit from her guidance through family, business and personal transitions. She brings experience, compassion, strategic thinking, and a sense of human to each situation.

“In any transition, we face numerous short-term and long-term financial decisions at the same time,” she says. “Whether you are changing jobs, selling a business or experiencing a loss, I help guide you through the decisions and gain a sense of control in those situations.”

Megan’s approach emphasizes regular communication with her clients and coordination among other professionals who advise on assets such as real estate, businesses, inheritances and life insurance settlements. She helps clients clarify their short- and long-term goals during times that demand a lot of emotional energy. By coordinating with accountants, attorneys and real estate professionals, she serves as a partner in helping her clients feel confident in their decision-making.

Megan’s experience includes successfully supporting clients through changes such as:

Divorce – Megan helps women and men take control and navigate their changes in income, retirement assets, business ownership and other matters related to divorce, and their effects on a client’s lifestyle and family responsibilities.

Loss of spouse – A surviving spouse faces numerous decisions, and Megan’s approach instills confidence while helping clients slow down, take care of themselves, and then prioritize any decisions that affect their financial future and well-being.

Retirement or a new venture – Megan counsels clients approaching and living in retirement, some of whom previously managed their own investment accounts. She develops strategies on a range of matters such as distribution planning, new investments and gifts. She helps business owners evaluate the outcome of a sale and its effect on their lives – and encourages them to have some fun with the fruits of their labor.

Prior to joining Lucien, Stirling & Gray, Megan worked for Academic Software, Inc., as a member of the leadership team.

Megan grew up in south Texas and attended Texas A&M University. She has lived in Austin since 1994 and enjoys being an active member of the community. She is actively involved in Covenant Presbyterian Church, Lamplighters,  Deerpark Middle School, Covenant Presbyterian Foundation and other organizations

Megan, her husband, Creed, and their daughters, Carter and Harper, enjoy spending time outside, entertaining and following Texas Aggie Football (through thick and thin). Megan earned her private pilot’s license in 1999.

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