Donna Geery

Goddess of Files

Donna came to Lucien, Stirling & Gray in January 2005. Working half days, Donna maintains the filing system and acts as receptionist when needed.

Before coming to Lucien, Stirling & Gray, Donna worked for the Teacher Retirement System (TRS) as a consultant for those TRS members who were retiring due to a disability. Looking back on her transition from TRS to Lucien, Stirling & Gray Donna tells us, “With 22 years of service under my belt at TRS, I was looking for a change in my work life and the opportunity offered to me for employment at Lucien, Stirling & Gray seemed like just the change I wanted.”

When Donna is not working, you might find her at home engrossed in a good book or out on the town having dinner with a friend or two.  Donna also enjoys time here in Austin with her two granddaughters, Sydney and Samantha, or taking a few days off to travel to Atlanta, GA for “grandma time” with her twin grandson and granddaughter, Christopher and Bailey. Donna enjoys the occasional girls trip as well,  like the trip she took to Springfield, Illinois with our receptionist, Diane, to see Abraham Lincoln’s tomb.

Donna’s husband, Patric, is retired and is an avid sailor who spends a fair amount of time sailing on Lake Travis. Donna is more of a “summer sailor” when camping on the boat is warmer and, for Donna, more fun.  Both Donna and Patric tell us their favorite thing to do together is to get into their car and go on a road trip together.  “Once we get into the car, we usually haven’t decided where exactly to go yet, but the trip is always enjoyable. The trip that started it all was one that took us to Norfolk, Virginia where we also decided to get married.  The ceremony was in my parents living room.”