Chris Vasquez

Chris Vasquez

Financial Services Professional

chris-vasquez-headshotChris joined Lucien, Stirling and Gray in 2014 after spending the first three and a half years of his financial career with a major insurance company. “I consider myself very fortunate that I found a career I am passionate about in the first place,” Chris says. “Now I’m thrilled to have joined a team of professionals who can really help me excel in the long run.”

Born and raised in Austin, Chris put himself through college at the University of Houston, receiving a Bachelors of Business Administration Degree in Finance in 2010, and proudly graduating with no student loan debt. During his college years he worked as an intern for MassMutual Financial Group in Houston. After graduation he transitioned into a full time role, gaining valuable experience in the analysis and evaluation of complex insurance plans and developing a solid understanding of basic financial planning principles.

“I get a sense of fulfillment from seeing people improve their financial situation, which can impact their lives in so many ways. I definitely thrive on helping my clients master some of the complex details of finances that they do not understand or do not want to figure out. That is where I come in to assist and offer guidance.”

Especially adept at empathetic listening and developing rapport with others, Chris also has a natural affinity for poring over intricate financial details. As a result, he has been a valuable addition to the Lucien, Stirling & Gray Client Service Team. “Much of my time now is spent working in close concert with the experienced Senior Advisor Associates here,” Chris says, “and I appreciate how many opportunities I have to contribute. I look forward to building on their expertise and furthering my own as I move forward.”

Chris enjoys traveling to new places and trying new restaurants in Austin with his wife Christin, who works as an attorney in the Office of The Attorney General for the State of Texas.