Second Opinion

The recent turmoil has made many people question whether the path they are taking is the right one. If you do not have total comfort with your current financial situation, why not seek a second opinion? The advisors at Lucien, Stirling and Gray Advisory Group provide hourly fee planning and second opinions, not driven by commissions or product sales. We can help you to discover what your money is for. We can also help you gain confidence in your financial situation by addressing the questions that cause you anxiety.

It starts with an initial consultation that is free of charge. What you can expect during this meeting:

  • We will determine whether or not we have grounds to work together – is there a fit?
  • We will have a discussion about you – where are you? How did you get there?
  • We will discuss the issues you would most like to address with your second opinion.

Once we have established that we would like to work together, our review can include any or all of the following:

We will review your income and spending data and discuss opportunities to better align your spending with your priorities. Your advisor may suggest tactics for reducing anxiety in daily spending decisions. Begin your cash flow analysis by completing our Cash Flow Worksheet.
We can analyze your current investment allocation to see whether your investment mix is appropriate for you, your objectives, and your comfort level.
Are you on track to achieve financial freedom? We can help to identify where you are going and how you can best get there.
Do you feel good about your overall financial situation, but need an impartial opinion about an upcoming financial decision?
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