Fee-Only Financial Planning

Knowing that your life may continue on for decades past your retirement puts the importance of planning into perspective. The cost of a good education has never been greater than it is now, and individuals are increasingly responsible for their own financial security.

The need for a personalized relationship with an experienced financial advisor is critical.

We are here to help you – Providing the attention, accountability and expertise you need to develop confidence in your financial future. Planning for the future doesn’t just involve a calculator or a spreadsheet. It calls for asking the right questions. It requires time. It requires attention. And it requires care. The advisors at Lucien, Stirling & Gray have purposefully created a close-knit family environment to help you relax, think deeply, and clarify your most important lifetime objectives.

How It Works

Our Financial Planning Process consists of six steps, as recommended by the Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards. We start with a complimentary consultation and build from there.

We will clearly explain the services we provide and define both our responsibilities and yours. We will explain fully how we are paid. We will discuss and agree upon the scope and anticipated length of our professional relationship.
We start by determining where you are. We’ll help you gather information about your financial situation. You can start by downloading and completing our financial planning forms and returning them to us before our first meeting.
We will analyze the information you provide to us to help you assess your current situation and determine ways you can meet your goals. Depending on what services we have agreed upon, this could include analyzing your cash flow, assets and liabilities, investments, insurance coverage and tax situation.
After thorough analysis and discussion, we’ll then create a specific, personalized strategy for your situation. We’ll include recommendations for areas such as spending, saving, liquid assets, insurance coverage, and portfolio allocation. We will help you understand our recommendations and discuss alternatives based on your preferences and concerns. We may also have suggestions to review with your attorney or accountant.
After we agree on our strategy, we’ll help you concentrate on three critical areas: 1) focusing on what you can control, 2) effectively implementing the strategy and 3) remaining accountable. Some strategies may require the assistance of an attorney, accountant, or another professional, and we’ll refer you to those with whom we have worked, or happily work with your own trusted advisors.
If you choose to utilize our asset management services, we will handle all the details of account set-up, asset transfers, investment policy design, and portfolio allocations. As your fiduciary, we will serve your interests, and do everything in our power to maximize your sense of trust and comfort.
The only constant in life is change. Everyone needs a sounding board when facing important life decisions or a major transition. Marriage, divorce, children and grandchildren, career changes, retirement, and death are all areas that can impact your financial needs and choices. Solid, caring financial advice can make anticipating and adjusting to these transitions much easier. Through ongoing review and periodic adjustments we provide the expertise to help plan for these transitions even before you need it, and we provide the comfort and peace of mind throughout that no matter what lies ahead, you have a competent team of experts guiding your decisions.