Objective Advice. Informed Decisions. Experienced Insights.

We believe that intelligent financial advice, offered in the context of your life, is the most valuable service we can provide.

Our team of professionals includes Certified Financial Planners, employee benefit specialists, and investment experts. Together, we help you craft a plan to identify and achieve your goals while keeping your personal values, beliefs, and concerns in mind.

Life is fluid, so we provide ongoing advice.

Marriage, divorce, children and grandchildren, career changes, retirement, and death – these are all life transitions that can impact your financial needs and choices. Solid, caring financial counsel can make anticipating and adjusting to these changes much easier, because the most successful planning involves regular review and periodic adjustments.

The lifetime process of building, protecting, growing, enjoying and passing on wealth, in all its forms, is what we are about. We value long-term relationships, and we work with clients who share in that belief.

Fee-Only Financial Planning
Fee-Only Asset Management
Second Opinion

Objective Advice. Informed Decisions. Experienced Insights.

At Lucien, Stirling & Gray Advisory Group, Inc., we help you create
positive options and choices in your financial affairs.

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