Saying “No” in Order to Achieve Something Better


By Cass Grange

Every so often, especially at various transition points, it is smart to look at the whole picture and ask:  are we being courageous in our business decisions? Are we looking at the broad perspective and doing what is best for clients and our team going forward?

In 2017, we celebrated our […]

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The Sandwich Generation


By Cass Grange

When my kids were teens we visited the LBJ ranch.  During the tour, the docent talked about the huge philosophical gulf that existed between young people and adults during the Vietnam War.  Later, my kids asked me more questions about the so-called “generation gap” and I was surprised they didn’t […]

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Money & Marriage – A Love Story


By Cass Grange

Some of the best money advice I’ve received was from a close friend after his 17-year marriage broke up. He said, “Don’t be cheap like me. Hire a babysitter. It is cheaper than a divorce.” Oh, the price of regret is so high. So how do we use money as […]

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Financial Challenges of Divorce


By Megan Poore

Major life transitions almost always create stress – even the good transitions.  Whether it’s leaving a career and transitioning to retirement, seeing children off to college after 18 years of nurturing and parenting them, or starting your own business after working for someone else, the stress can be great. Even […]

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Can Seasonal Spending (and Saving) Bring Comfort and Joy?


By Megan Poore

Although we are in the thick of the holiday shopping frenzy, it’s not too late to slow down and think about how, where and when we will spend our money and time this holiday season.  The pressure is on to find the best deals on the “perfect” gifts. Each year […]

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Faith In the Future


By Thomas Twombly

You’ve heard this from me before, but it’s always worth repeating: investing, in anything, is first and foremost an act of faith. Yes, there are many other factors that go into a great investment decision. But, whether you’re building a company, investing your hard-earned money in one, committing yourself to a marriage, […]

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Before You Kick the Habit…


By Cass Grange


Do you ever feel like you are on autopilot?

You brush your teeth when you wake up. You click the seatbelt when you get in the car.  You pour that cup of coffee before you sit down at your desk in the morning.  These are some habits we do daily that, […]

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Stewarding Social Wealth


By Thomas Twombly

Last month we introduced the idea of thinking about wealth as a multi-dimensional concept.  We explored the idea that material wealth is just the tip of the iceberg for many people, and there is so much more beneath the surface.  In my experiences, a lot of people […]

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How Do You Define “Wealth”?


By Thomas Twombly, President

How do you define “wealth”?

For over twenty-five years I have been asking this same question to better understand how to communicate the value of a firm like Lucien, Stirling & Gray. I’ve asked clients, colleagues, friends and business associates in various settings. I’m curious to hear people’s answers, because […]

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