“The Talk With Aging Parents”


By Cass Grange

Why talking to your parents about their future living arrangements is more difficult than talking to your kids about sex.

I get it.  You have put off having “the talk” with your parents.  It’s awkward. It takes courage.  You are waiting for the right time to bring things up.  Never sounds like […]

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Moving to Retirement – A Client’s Perspective


By Margaret Lewis

I am a consummate planner. Not only do I plan, I usually have multiple contingencies in order. My family and friends tease me about crossing the line between planning and paranoia. So when it came to my retirement I thought I had it licked.

I had developed a formal financial retirement plan with my […]

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The Wealth in Your Words


By Cass Grange

What is your story?

My home phone rang the other day. No one calls us anymore. They text. They email. They facebook. I heard the answering machine say, “ Cass, it is your Uncle Dint.” I put down my iPad and raced to answer. I didn’t even […]

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Read This if You Love Your Family


By Bleckley Dobbs, Director of Financial Planning
Do you love your family? Do you REALLY love your family? If so, please don’t be like more than 60% of all Americans and fail to do any estate planning.

The list of rich, famous and just ordinary people who die intestate (without a will) is long, and the stories of […]

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Three Ways to Diversify Your Investments for Massive Rewards


By Cass Grange, Sr. Advisor Associate

So-called “alternative investments” are a hot topic nowadays. For the last several years the world of professional money management has seemingly been obsessed with finding novel ways to diversify beyond traditional asset classes.

But I have some suggestions for alternative investments you will never hear about in the Wall Street Journal or […]

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