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Seven Excuses for Not Having a Will


By Cass Grange, Senior Advisor Associate and Director of Business Development

Out of all the discussions I have with clients, the question:  “Do you have a will?” brings up the most angst and the most excuses.

  1. I am too young to have a will.  Take it from me, you are not as young as you […]
Seven Excuses for Not Having a Will2018-09-28T20:06:12+00:00

Which Wolf Are You Feeding?


By Thomas Twombly, President

Years ago, I heard a story. The original version is long lost to me now, so I apologize for not giving appropriate credit to the original author here, but its message captured my attention. Ever since, it has shaped my thoughts about the importance of principled leadership, a courageous […]

Which Wolf Are You Feeding?2018-08-16T17:02:42+00:00

Our Ultimate Resource


Over the years Lucien, Stirling & Gray has covered a wide variety of topics in our monthly enewsletter articles. Around the office you’ll often hear advisors say, “Didn’t we write about this once?” or, “I think we have a great article on that!” We thought it’d be great if we segmented our articles over the […]

Our Ultimate Resource2018-07-20T17:25:00+00:00

Not Your “Typical” Millennial


By Chris Vasquez

“We thought if we lived like students for one more year, we could then go forward and have the life we wanted without the pressure of debt…” -Christin Vasquez

My wife, Christin, worked hard to pay off her $35,000 balance in law school student loans over the 13 months after […]

Not Your “Typical” Millennial2018-05-18T20:16:07+00:00

Saying “No” in Order to Achieve Something Better


By Cass Grange

Every so often, especially at various transition points, it is smart to look at the whole picture and ask:  are we being courageous in our business decisions? Are we looking at the broad perspective and doing what is best for clients and our team going forward?

In 2017, we celebrated our […]

Saying “No” in Order to Achieve Something Better2018-04-20T20:25:43+00:00

The Sandwich Generation


By Cass Grange

When my kids were teens we visited the LBJ ranch.  During the tour, the docent talked about the huge philosophical gulf that existed between young people and adults during the Vietnam War.  Later, my kids asked me more questions about the so-called “generation gap” and I was surprised they didn’t […]

The Sandwich Generation2018-03-15T17:02:50+00:00

Money & Marriage – A Love Story


By Cass Grange

Some of the best money advice I’ve received was from a close friend after his 17-year marriage broke up. He said, “Don’t be cheap like me. Hire a babysitter. It is cheaper than a divorce.” Oh, the price of regret is so high. So how do we use money as […]

Money & Marriage – A Love Story2018-02-09T17:28:52+00:00

Financial Challenges of Divorce


By Megan Poore

Major life transitions almost always create stress – even the good transitions.  Whether it’s leaving a career and transitioning to retirement, seeing children off to college after 18 years of nurturing and parenting them, or starting your own business after working for someone else, the stress can be great. Even […]

Financial Challenges of Divorce2018-01-12T16:24:46+00:00

Can Seasonal Spending (and Saving) Bring Comfort and Joy?


By Megan Poore

Although we are in the thick of the holiday shopping frenzy, it’s not too late to slow down and think about how, where and when we will spend our money and time this holiday season.  The pressure is on to find the best deals on the “perfect” gifts. Each year […]

Can Seasonal Spending (and Saving) Bring Comfort and Joy?2017-12-08T22:36:29+00:00