The Power of Introductions


By Cass Grange, Senior Advisor Associate and Chaney Barton-Nichols, Marketing Assistant

We frequently share that many of our clients come to us during times of transition.  Perhaps it’s children going off to college, parents growing older and passing, or retirement, a divorce, etc.  All these examples of transition require a great deal of planning – financially […]

Retirement Resolutions Pt. 2: Rethinking the Retirement Timeline


By Bleckley Dobbs, CFP®, RICP®

After the desk has been cleaned out and the party has been thrown, the last thing you want to do on the first day of retirement is wake up and think, “now what?”   Many people focus much attention on the date of retirement, but the years following that date do not have nearly […]

Retirement Resolutions: Part I


By Bleckley Dobbs, CFP®, RICP®

The Baby Boom generation is now retiring en masse, and the topic of Retirement Income Planning has increasingly been in the news.  The front edge of the generation, born in 1946, is turning 70 this year.  Many boomers have delayed retirement, but will still be facing required minimum distributions and other transitional decisions. […]

Social Security FAQ


By Bleckley Dobbs & Mark Ward

Social Security is complicated.  With over 2,700 different rules, there is no getting around it. Unless you have never been married, your options and overall strategy for collecting Social Security benefits will probably be complicated.  Articles and resources abound about Social Security, but the challenge for someone to take the information […]

Getting Back to Basics


By Thomas Twombly, President

Summer is a great opportunity for our team to reflect, and to focus valuable attention on ways of improving our overall interactions with clients. With a few new folks at Lucien, Stirling & Gray, we have been putting effort into “getting back to basics,” which is also helpful for our senior advisors […]