Moving to Retirement – A Client’s Perspective

By Margaret Lewis I am a consummate planner. Not only do I plan, I usually have multiple contingencies in order. My family and friends tease me about crossing the line between planning and paranoia. So when it came to my retirement I thought I had it licked. I had developed a formal financial retirement plan […]

See You at the Polls

By Cass Grange, Senior Advisor Associate Nervous about the election?  You aren’t the only one.  We all are.  What can we do about it? Well, we can vote.  Then we can get on with our lives.  If it feels to you like it does to me that the four year election cycle comes around way […]

Retirement Resolutions Pt. 2: Rethinking the Retirement Timeline

By Bleckley Dobbs, CFP®, RICP® After the desk has been cleaned out and the party has been thrown, the last thing you want to do on the first day of retirement is wake up and think, “now what?”   Many people focus much attention on the date of retirement, but the years following that date do not have […]

Love & Money in Retirement

By Cass Grange, Senior Advisor Associate and Director of Business Development The world is full of advice for the young about love and money.  But, what about love and money in retirement? We help clients plan for their retirement, by carefully and thoughtfully generating income.  But, retirement isn’t just about monthly checks and a diversified […]

How do Changes in Social Security and Medicare Affect Me?

By Bleckley Dobbs, , CFP® By now, you’ve probably heard about changes to a couple of the rules governing the claiming of Social Security benefits. These were “buried” in the recent two-year budget bill passed by both houses of the U.S. Congress and signed into law by President Obama on November 2, 2015. In this same […]