Moving to Retirement – A Client’s Perspective


By Margaret Lewis

I am a consummate planner. Not only do I plan, I usually have multiple contingencies in order. My family and friends tease me about crossing the line between planning and paranoia. So when it came to my retirement I thought I had it licked.

I had developed a formal financial retirement plan with my […]

Love & Money in Retirement


By Cass Grange, Senior Advisor Associate and Director of Business Development

The world is full of advice for the young about love and money.  But, what about love and money in retirement?2CassValentine's (Feb)

We help clients plan for their retirement, by carefully and thoughtfully generating income.  But, retirement isn’t […]

Retirement Resolutions: Part I


By Bleckley Dobbs, CFP®, RICP®

The Baby Boom generation is now retiring en masse, and the topic of Retirement Income Planning has increasingly been in the news.  The front edge of the generation, born in 1946, is turning 70 this year.  Many boomers have delayed retirement, but will still be facing required minimum distributions and other transitional decisions. […]