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A Deadline-Free Review


By Glenda Summers, CFP ®, Senior Advisor Associate

For certain people tax season serves as the once per year review of their financial situation.  Marking April 15th off of the calendar with a sigh of relief may equate to putting finance-related records away in a drawer to collect dust until next year. Now that the looming tax […]

How Do We Raise Grateful Kids in an Affluent World?


By Cass Grange, Senior Advisor Associate and Director of Business Development

Do your kids deserve the best of everything?2015 March Lake

This could be a short essay.  In a word -No.

The capacity for delayed gratification is a predictor of adult success and happiness.  It is also a […]

Simplify and De-Clutter Your Life


By Cass Grange, Senior Advisor Associate & Director of Business Development

Why are we having a moving expert and organizational guru come to talk to our clients and friends? What on earth does this have to do with what we do?

Because everywhere we look, clutter takes a toll on our mental, physical and financial health. It […]

Resolve to be Imperfect in 2015


By Cass Grange, Senior Advisor Associate and Director of Business Development

Can I just say that I find all these organizing tips for the New Year discouraging? Why? Because I start out with good intentions, just like we all do, and then life gets in the way.

Life is messy.  It is even for the ultra organized.  Remember […]

Read This if You Love Your Family


By Bleckley Dobbs, Director of Financial Planning
Do you love your family? Do you REALLY love your family? If so, please don’t be like more than 60% of all Americans and fail to do any estate planning.

The list of rich, famous and just ordinary people who die intestate (without a will) is long, and the stories of […]

We’re So Rich. Why Don’t We Feel Like It?


By Megan Poore, Sr. Advisor Associate

Does anyone feel rich anymore? We meet with clients all the time who are wealthy by many standards. But they often say they do not live extravagantly and should not be considered rich.

A big factor in this phenomenon is that it is human nature to compare our lives “up” and not […]

Three Ways to Diversify Your Investments for Massive Rewards


By Cass Grange, Sr. Advisor Associate

So-called “alternative investments” are a hot topic nowadays. For the last several years the world of professional money management has seemingly been obsessed with finding novel ways to diversify beyond traditional asset classes.

But I have some suggestions for alternative investments you will never hear about in the Wall Street Journal or […]

So, You Think You Want to be a Real Estate Mogul?


By Mark Ward, CFP®, ChFC® Vice President & Chairman, Investment Policy Committee

Over the course of the last several months my fellow advisors and I have had a remarkable number of comments and questions from clients, friends, and acquaintances regarding the possibilities of investing in real estate.  We get comments like, “I know Austin Real Estate […]

How to Have the “Money Talk” With Your Aging Parents


By Cass Grange, Senior Advisor Associate

Talking to my aging parents about their money and their lifestyle was more difficult for me than having the sex talk with my kids.  Even with the best of intentions and, in my case, professional experience and training, it is a challenging conversation

The stakes are high. We don’t want our […]