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Retirement Resolutions Pt. 2: Rethinking the Retirement Timeline


By Bleckley Dobbs, CFP®, RICP®

After the desk has been cleaned out and the party has been thrown, the last thing you want to do on the first day of retirement is wake up and think, “now what?”   Many people focus much attention on the date of retirement, but the years following that date do not have nearly […]

It Can Start with a Conversation


By Glenda Summers, CFP®

“Getting Your House in Order” – We often associate this with something that only sick or dying people should do. “We are in great shape – what’s the need?” or “We will do this later when we get old,” are thoughts many have when they hear this phrase. But what if we took […]

To Be, or Not to Be Financially Literate: That is the Question.


By Chaney Barton-Nichols, Marketing Assistant

Did you know that April is “National Financial Literacy Month”? Maybe you have seen some of our social media postings highlighting this recently. While we hope you find our educational tidbits helpful this month, our real goal is to make financial literacy a focus of our ongoing communications all the time.

What […]

Should I Invest in Real Estate?


By Mark Ward, CFP®, ChFC®
Vice President & Chairman, Investment Policy Committee

This is a hot topic in Austin right now, but the answer to this question is not as simple as you might think.  Like many financial questions, it depends mightily on a number of variables, not the least of which is the personal situation and […]

Love & Money in Retirement


By Cass Grange, Senior Advisor Associate and Director of Business Development

The world is full of advice for the young about love and money.  But, what about love and money in retirement?2CassValentine's (Feb)

We help clients plan for their retirement, by carefully and thoughtfully generating income.  But, retirement isn’t […]

Retirement Resolutions: Part I


By Bleckley Dobbs, CFP®, RICP®

The Baby Boom generation is now retiring en masse, and the topic of Retirement Income Planning has increasingly been in the news.  The front edge of the generation, born in 1946, is turning 70 this year.  Many boomers have delayed retirement, but will still be facing required minimum distributions and other transitional decisions. […]

Celebrating Victories


By Chaney Barton – Nichols, Marketing Assistant

“There are few, if any, jobs in which ability alone is sufficient.
Needed also are loyalty, sincerity, enthusiasm and team play”
-William B. Given, Jr.

Being given an opportunity to write a year-end recap of a business as an employee who hasn’t yet reached her “one year anniversary” may seem unusual, but […]

How do Changes in Social Security and Medicare Affect Me?


By Bleckley Dobbs, , CFP®

By now, you’ve probably heard about changes to a couple of the rules governing the claiming of Social Security benefits. These were “buried” in the recent two-year budget bill passed by both houses of the U.S. Congress and signed into law by President Obama on November 2, 2015. In this same law […]

The Wealth in Your Words


By Cass Grange

What is your story?

My home phone rang the other day. No one calls us anymore. They text. They email. They facebook. I heard the answering machine say, “ Cass, it is your Uncle Dint.” I put down my iPad and raced to answer. I didn’t even […]